Supersize Fucks

By | June 16, 2009

OhThe 1980s is very much in the UK public’s mind at the moment, what with Ashes to Ashes, Lady Thatcher falling over and the apparent inability of the music industry to produce original compositions – and therefore plundering the 1980s back catalogues for samples and covers.

The BBC has recognised this and started off the new series of “Supersizers” with the 80s. We just watched that programme and were roaring with laughter.

I liked the 1980’s and it really annoys me when people malign its style, music and values. When you actually look at what it was like in the 1980s the huge contrast of mass unemployment, huge fortunes being made, new music, food, drink, technology being developed while some in the inner cities still festered in poverty … it was an exciting time.

The wages were big and the egos were bigger. But the food wasn’t, and I seem to remember that everyone was really busy and complaining they only had time for frantic fucks. Maybe the penchant of city traders for DeLoreans was compensating for dicks shrivelled by the alcohol consumed in endless power lunches. LOL

The 1980s was a time when exotic meant a bottle of some strange coloured liquid and food that tasted a bit cardboard but had a label with something in a foreign language on it. Unlike today where we can buy whatever we want from any country in the world the 1980s was about finding excitement in each and every tiny new experience.

It wasn’t just food either, at least for me. The 1980s was my coming of age period. The bit where girls became important to me. I remember the first time I took a girl’s nipple in my mouth. I remember the excitement, the thrill of her letting me do that. I remember where she lay back on the bed and actually let me unbutton her blouse …

That sort of defines the 1980s for me, the vividness of it. It might be Sam Fox’s breasts, New Romantics, years of Margaret Thatcher, Live aid or the memory of first undressing a girl in my room.

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