Paris Hilton

By | May 9, 2007

[she]provides hope for young people all over the US and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives“. From the BBC’s News Website 09/05/07.

Paris Hilton is a person who both astonishes and amuses me. She stands astride the trashy gossip rags of the world like a spindly colossus. Or more accurately like a wishbone from a calcium deprived turkey. More fat on a butcher’s pencil as my grandfather used to say.

She is the epitome of famous for being famous, has no discernable talent and should really stick to spending her money quietly. Sadly this does not seem to be an option. The woman lives detached from reality for most of her life, her recent statement that she didn’t realise she had a driving ban because “I sign whatever my people tell me to sign”, in relation to the court papers, underlines this.

Sorry Paris the law applies to you too, not just real people.

Then there’s her brand, yes brand. For those sane people amongst you who do not follow her it may come as a surprise that she’s tried to trademark her name, a logo and her catch phrase “That’s Hot”. Personally I thought France had half of her name sewn up, having their capital named after it. Though the lone star state may also have a claim which predates the pouting blonde numbskull. As for the logo, fair enough, if your going to brand yourself pick an appropriate logo. In Paris’ case a Barbi-style tiara, how sophisticated.

Finally the “catch phrase”, the depth and intelligence of that two-word piece of creative genius astounds me, Ok three words if you count “that’s” as 2. But will this mean that you’d have to warn people about to quaff a freshly made coffee by saying “Careful, that’s hot! Trademark Paris Hilton “. Would she demand royalties?

Turning yourself into a brand, isn’t that the ultimate in shallowness? Or is it a search for affirmation through commercial success.

What kicked off this diatribe? Well this story from the BBC news website today. Ms Hilton, drink driving is in my humble opinion assault with a deadly weapon. Being able to pout and create dull , bad quality sex videos does not mean you can plough through crowds of innocent pedestrians on your way to find a midnight snack. If you want food, order a home delivery, if you can work out how to dial the KFC without a butler.

And on the subject of KFC, they’re attempting to sue this pub, the Tan Hill Inn, because they have an item on the menu called a “Family Feast”. Successful as the pub may be I don’t think it’s a direct threat to the Kentucky chicken slaughterers multi-national operation and its squillion dollar profits. Do you?

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