Slipping It In

By | June 17, 2009

KeeleyHumans are creatures of habit. Not that you always have to behave in exactly the same way all the time, but if you have habits and routines it’s easy to get on with the mundane without thinking about it too much, and if something changes it’s easy to spot.

Sex can be like that, you do certain things because you know they work, but you also have to spice it up a bit from time to time with new moves and scenarios, otherwise it gets a bit bland.

Sex toys are the same. You can get by with just one, or two, but if you have a few you can vary things. It doesn’t matter if you use them at the same time or individually so long as you mix it up a bit.

I mention this as we tend to gravitate towards specific brands or models because we know they work.

That doesn’t have to be the most expensive either. It’s often simply something a bit different from that which you are used to.

The Monkey Spanker is a case in point. I have used a large number of masturbators during my time as a sex toy tester. Many have been more sophisticated and all have their own character. The Monkey Spanker is cheap and effective, yes it’s not the most versatile of toy and yet it delivers in its own way.

And now there’s a new version coming out. I’ll be getting one of the new Monkey Spankers when they’re launched. Until then you can read my review of the original version here.