Fucking For The Camera

By | June 17, 2009

PoolI’m an open minded girl if you haven’t guessed that already. Lol Alex and I are fortunate to be able to share ourselves with each other and you. It’s quite normal to see him watching some porn on his PC or looking for naughty images to post on the site.

This blog has enriched our lives so much and allowed us to express ourselves in ways we never would have imagined years ago. We are open and honest about everything and that’s what makes this work.

You cannot be involved with all this adult material without being up front with each other. We have no secrets from each other and even if we find some subjects a bit edgy to discuss we do eventually get around to working through them.

But one thing I could not forgive him or any man for would be deceiving me about his sexual activity. Not just from the trust perspective but also from the safe sex angle. You want to know if your partner is screwing around and potentially putting you at risk.

This is why I found this story so infuriating, he had been so deceitful with total disregard to his fiancé.

She did the right thing in telling him to piss off!