Peachy Lesbians

By | June 18, 2009

Peaches GeldofPeaches Geldof is currently the centre of media speculation about her sexuality. I may be a cynic but I would suggest that the reason for the media speculation is two-fold. First because Peaches wants the media to talk about her and secondly because some journalists like an easy to spin story about a young celeb that’s got sex in it. It also helps if the story has photo -ops and is handed to them on a plate.

If Peaches has discovered that oranges are not the only fruit I am happy for her. Whether that’s the case, or not will only become apparent over time.

At one time you would have said that sex sell sells. Now I’d say that lesbian sex sells even better. Bisexual sex is the top of the tree of course because it allows both sexes to think they’re in with a chance.

And that’s the key. If Peaches Geldof is gay I’m happy for her and I hope she finds a nice girl. If she’s taking the piss then I hope she doesn’t take it too far and alienate a lot of lesbian and bisexual girls who don’t think that sexual preference is a valid vehicle for self-promotion via sensational and salacious tabloid headlines.