Storm Clouds

By | May 10, 2007

The clouds outside seem to tear at the hills across the valley. They look like a shredded bundle of dark grey linen hanging above the moors. Water vapour condensing in the tempestuous rising air forming streamers like contorted flaxen fibres, beautiful and yet terrible in that beauty. There’s a storm being born, it may break here or further east. That is something that a mere human can’t predict or influence. Some things are outside your control and it’s often the best way. To take responsibility for, to manipulate any part of nature is something that we as a species presume to do too lightly.

I just made myself something eat. Just me, myself and I. Suze is out with the girls again, twice in under two weeks. It makes me smile to imagine her back in the real world again after the unemployment imposed imprisonment. I lay the table for two, then put half of it away. I make two cups of tea, then pour hers down the sink. I start to shout for her to come and see an interesting article on the news.

But she’s not there.

It’s like my life is on hold for the moment because I’m only half here.

And I feel like this when she’s away for a few hours? Imagine if we were apart for a day, a week … forever? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

She’ll be back soon. The clouds are breaking and she’ll be returning to a glorious sunset now those clouds have rolled past.

I think I might be in love 🙂