Extreme Dogging Sex

By | June 20, 2009

Things get blurry when you get into adult blogging. One minute you’re a normal (if there is such a thing) couple who want to explore a little beyond their own experiences and the next you’re being consulted by total strangers about their sex lives as if you’re experts.

The same seems to be true in the porn industry. There seems to be a merging of the more enthusiastic and exhibitionist members of the swinging scene and the edges of the porn industry. It’s not surprising, people are becoming more at home with recording their own sexual antics and with the emergence of “The Tubes” – Red Tube, X-Tube, You Porn, et al – content has to be produced at an ever increasing rate.

I suppose it’s a form of extreme swinging LOL

British amateur porn has always been a little rough and ready. That isn’t meant as a slight of any kind, the slightly unpolished nature of the productions can give a realism lacking in the highly produced US films. It’s more easy to engage and relate to UK and a lesser extent European porn because of this difference in character.

I predicted three years ago in a blog post that amateurs would be producing the porn of the future, I envisaged that being in the form of literature. The wide availability of video sharing means that I was half right – instead of writing about it, the naughty people of the world are out their doing it and filming themselves :o)