Instant Hardon

By | June 20, 2009

ViagraWhen I first read this story I was slightly bemused by it and then realised that it would make the whole process safer. What am I talking about? Being able to purchase Viagra without having to order it from a dodgy internet source and take the risk of using it without proper medical monitoring.

Boots the chemist has announced that it will be trailing the drug in 29 of its stores throughout the UK. To ensure that proper guidelines are followed the drug will only be prescribed following a half hour check with the patient.

I’m totally in favour of the move after all driving the sales of Viagra underground is putting people at risk. And no matter how much they try to control its availability people will find a way to purchase it.

Check out the full story here.

If anyone reading this has purchased Viagra you could let me know how the price compares to what you have been paying.