Three In A Bed Or Perhaps Four

By | June 21, 2009

The VeronicasI remember way back when Heart were all the rage and boy did I fancy them both. Thinking about it I think Ann had the edge on Nancy but I wouldn’t have said no to either of them given the choice. 😉

As a rock chic some years after the release of their single Crazy On You I would spend many hours drinking from a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale in a dark and atmospheric rock club. What a fantastic misspent youth I had. Lol

Today I was reminded of Heart when I heard one of the latest singing sensations to come out of Australia in a long time. In fact I can’t remember when someone from down under actually cropped up in the UK charts.

They are a couple of 24 year old twins and they are gorgeous. If only I was a few years younger. 😉 Lisa and Jessica Origliasso are very big down under *giggle* and have supported Natasha Bedingfield, Hanson (who?) and the Jonas Brothers (yawn).

You can catch up with them singing Untouched which is currently charting over here the “Fourth” if you were wondering is the cute guy in their video. Yum!