I Wanna Kiss The Bride And Fuck You Later

By | June 21, 2009

Bridal BouquetWe have reached that time of year again. The wedding season. I was reminded of it when I heard a peel of the church bells this weekend drift across the valley.

It’s every little girls dream to one day be a bridesmaid and get to wear the second to best outfit on the big day. For me I didn’t get chance until a few years ago, when I was asked to be…Matron of Honour.

Time had passed and I was now categorised as a matron rather than a bridesmaid. My bridesmaid years were over. *Sob* No, it was an honour to be MOH at my two best friends’ wedding.

We had all met up through work and were very close. But not quite as close as I would have liked. Lol She was a good looking, leggy brunette who I would most certainly have loved to entertain and he was a good looking hunk.

It’s traditional for the bride and groom to be separate the night before the wedding, so I was invited over to keep her company at her father in laws house. Instead of spending the evening chatting we should have been playing games.

The best part of the evening is that I got to share a double bed with her. I could have massaged her back with this relaxing her ready for my seduction. 😉 Once her muscles were starting to relax, I could have given her a manual massage with a little fragrant oil like these.

And when she felt comfortable with me touching her, I would have loved to try this cute little clit vibe out on her, gently caressing her clitoris, easing her in to submission.

When things got a little more heated I could take hold of my rabbit vibrator and give her a good workout. Starting on the slow rabbit only setting and building up the excitement until she is succumbing to the delights of the rotating beaded shaft massaging her vaginal walls. I’m driving myself crazy just thinking about the possibilities.

Hold on a moment I just need to get something…

And as the newly married couple celebrate downstairs in the dining hall I could shoot upstairs to their room and sprinkle these rose fragranced petals on to their bed. As they enter the room the heady fragrance would fill their noses and entice them to the soft, well sprung bed.

On the bedside table there is a little surprise for later. They are staying in the room until Monday morning when they leave for their flight to somewhere exotic. I can’t remember where they went now. Yes, the surprise is this weekender kit which will get them in the mood for some bedtime fun and games.

All the guests bar a couple hanging around at the bar have now left for the evening and the newly wedded couple make their way to their room. Opening the door they are greeted by those wonderful fragranced rose petals.

They spot the Weekender Kit and decide to give that a try later. Having spent all day entertaining guests and smiling constantly it’s now their time. And they are in the mood for a little light bondage play. Or at least he is, she doesn’t know it yet.

He makes his way to the drawers he has been given for his clothing and retrieves a box. She cranes her neck to see what he has in his hands. And she smiles as she discovers it’s the Sportsheets Tie The Knot Kit. 😉

Very gently he takes each wrist in turn and secures her to the bed head. He repeats the process with her feet and now she is at his mercy. Blindfolded and expectant she lays waiting for his next move.

He takes hold of the Edible Lovers Body Pen and starts to write a sensual note on her stomach. It reads…

…I think we will leave them to play on their own now. 😉