Unexpected Sex

By | June 22, 2009

Naughty SecretarySex is great, but sex when you’re not expecting it is even better.

Last night we were up until stupid-o’clock working on some stuff for the sites. We eventually went to bed at around two in the morning and passed out through exhaustion and alcohol.

We woke this morning at around ten to a gloriously sunny summers day. Now, with a slight hangover and having only just caught up on sleep the last thing I expected was a shag. However, as I pulled Suze toward me and she lay her head on my chest nature began to take matters into its own hands.

Her soft breasts pressed against me, the smell of her hair and the kiss of her breath on my skin persuaded my penis that it was playtime. I didn’t say anything because Suze was breathing deeply and steadily, apparently dozing. Then she moved her hand and it brushed against the exposed tip of my now erect cock.

“Ooh!” She said, immediately waking. She placed her hand on my penis and encircled it, possessing it.

I lay back and let her toy with her prize. She licked the end lightly to wet it and then rubbed the tip with her thumb between slow, steady wanking strokes. I let her play with me for less than a minute before I felt the urge to push her onto her back and push my cock against the opening of her moistening pussy.

She threw her hands back and grabbed the beadhead. I adjusted my position and with the aid of a little saliva slipped inside her. Suze drew in a deep breath, her eyes widening with each inch I gave her.

I began to thrust into her, her head rolled from side to side, hair spread across the pillow. She was evidently loving the motion so I simply carried on and pressed deeper. I pushed further, forcing her to lift her legs higher and wider, heels now digging into the mattress either side of her buttocks. This allowed me to stretch her pussy, the tip of my cock bouncing off her cervix

I could feel the moisture on my crotch and thighs, the sheets would bear witness to her excitement. When her wet, breathless orgasm subsided I whispered “On your knees” in her ear and slid my cock out of her.

She rolled over and presented me with her ass. My cock was still glistening with her aromatic juices. The temptation to push my penis into her ass teased me for a moment, but that only works in porn films, a little lady cum is not even close to enough lubrication for an anal fuck.

Instead I pushed into her, between swollen pussy lips, pulling her towards me with both of my hands on her hips. She buried her face into my pillow, letting wave after wave of pleasure flow over her and treating me to the convulsive muscular contractions of her pussy each time she came.

“oh, yes!” she cried out. It wasn’t her own orgasm, but mine she could sense. There’s something about the way I thrust, the size of my cock or my demeanour which signals to Suze when I’m about to cum.

And she’s never wrong.

Spent I collapsed across her back and rolled to one side, cock slipping out of her pussy leaving a trail of sticky cum across her thigh and buttocks.

Sunday morning sex at its best.