Deviant Sex

By | June 22, 2009

Pamila, Bondage FairyAlthough I am an open minded sexual being there are certain boundaries I will not cross. For example bestiality, necrophilia, scat and incest for example. None of those acts in any way turn me on or even interest me.

| think most of us have limits and stick avidly to them. Sometimes you need to be explorative and let yourself try new things such as a little light bondage or roleplay in order to enrich your sexual world.

Some situations I find uncomfortable even when I know that they are concocted. For example, I always felt uncomfortable watching Little Britain’s scenes where the grandson would visit his Grandma with his friend who would fantasise about her. It quite literally made me feel sick.

In later series I think this scenario was dropped due being in such bad taste. And I was glad of that.

That was quite a few years ago. But now there is a brand new series running on Thursday nights on the BBC called Psychoville and it is brilliant. Brought to us by the guys behind The League Of Gentlemen it has the same dark humorous theme running through it.

And I love it, although there has only been one programme broadcast up to now.

That said I have the feeling of de ja vu all over again with the David and Maureen scenes. They make me feel very uncomfortable all over again.

You will have to watch to find out what I am talking about but it is 30 minutes well spent. I’m hooked already and Dawn French is wonderful in the series. You know where I will be every Thursday evening at 10pm from now on. Lol