Meet A Girl Who’s Hot On The Presses

By | June 23, 2009

Newspaper GirlPaper Girl Interview

This is an interview with a girl I met on an adult social networking site. She has one of the most unusual and intruiging fetishes I’ve ever come across. I hope you enjoy this interview with her.

First of all let me say thank you for taking part in this interview. I love to enlighten people and take them in to someone else’s world. And when it comes to Newspaper fetishes there is very little out there, not even on the Internet.

I noticed you are 23 years old, at what age did you discover you had a liking for newspapers?

“I can’t really remember any sort of specific moment when I knew I liked newspapers; I think I have always grown up with this in my mind. Sure, over the years I have increasingly gotten more interested in them. As a child I used to like wrapping myself in them and still do, but as I got older I started to do more things with them to the point where I now will do anything with a newspaper, even having sex with them.”

Do you have a preference when it comes to tabloid or broadsheet?

“I love tabloids! It’s the first thing I go for, I usually reach for the daily star or daily sport first. Don’t get me wrong I would do any newspaper, the broadsheet is good for wrapping up in, but I prefer tabloids cause of the sexy pictures I think. They fit more to my humorous personality.”

How do magazines feel, are they not quite the same as newspaper?

“They’re not the same, they smell different and look and feel different. It’s definitely a case of using all my senses. Magazines turn me on too just by the way they look; I love the feel of them as I brush them against my skin. But if I leave them on my skin they can stick, newspapers don’t do that. But I use what I feel like on the day or sometimes both.”

When I think of newspapers and the smell they have it reminds me of Sunday afternoons with the family all reading the papers. What feelings and emotions do they bring out in you?

“Pure arousal, I don’t know why. I would love someone to tell me. Even if I walk through a shop with them displayed it sets me off. A picture of a newspaper will get me in the mood too. I get a really warm feeling all over, I suppose it could be related to how you may feel if you saw someone you love.”

What exactly gets your blood racing, is it the feel of them, the smell, holding them against you?

“Its all those things, all together. I love the taste too. Love to have a read of a new newspaper and slow get undressed as I do so. Until I’m reading it naked, sometimes I get a couple from the stash and hold them against me as I read. I suppose it’s a comfort thing as well. I love to slip one into my panties too, for example, if I’m watching the TV or even when I’ve just bought it from the newsagents, I go somewhere quiet and love the thought that I’m in public with a newspaper in my panties and no one knows.”

Do your friends and family know about your little kink?

“No they don’t.”

Have you a partner to share your interest with? If so how do they incorporate your fetish in to your relationship?

“Sadly no. I would love to have someone to share it with. But it’s quite a strange fetish so there are not many people who will find it acceptable’.”

Have you found it is best keeping your interest in newspapers quiet or do you openly discuss it with others? Is it frustrating that there are no obvious groups or societies on the Internet for you to share your thoughts and feelings with like minded individuals?

“I do keep it quiet but only because I feel I have to. You don’t usually know about your friends’ weird and wonderful fetishes. Unless I knew someone would enjoy newspapers with me I’d like to keep them to myself in private. I don’t even like reading them with someone in the room. It is frustrating that I can’t really talk about it too, but I hope with your help we can change that.”

I personally can understand that the smell of newsprint holds familiarity and for me and a level of comfort based around association with the family and bonding. In fact I used to work at the local newspaper offices as a teenager. Have you ever worked for a newspaper? Or would it be too much of a temptation for you? 😉

“I haven’t, but it has occurred in my fantasies. It would be distracting, I would be like a kid in a candy store; I’d just be in awe and constantly aroused.”

And finally, Is there anything you would like to share with the readers to help them gain a better understanding for your fetish?

“Don’t be afraid to try this fetish out. It feels great and is good fun, you can really let your imagination run away with the things you could do. I have chatted to people on chat sites about this and all who’ve tried it loved it. I highly recommend it!”