Rubbing Breasts With Busty

By | June 24, 2009

Gemma ArtertonSince moving in to my new department upstairs from the girls I have made an effort to visit them once a day if I get the opportunity. It gives me chance to catch up on the latest gossip but not quit the same as being able to share long conversations with them.

The new girl Skinny seems to have settled in well and filled my shoes. She even seems to have a good sense of humour but not quite the dirty mind that I brought to their department for the last 2 years.

But the dynamic seems to have changed, they have started to compete with their outfits and all eat the same sort of lunches, which consist of lots of Tupperware containers and salad dressing. I suppose it must be like menstruation. Ok, let me explain. If your work with girls it is said that eventually you will all start to ovulate at the same time.

I thought that sounded like a load of old tosh but eventually Busy and I were synchronised.

Today I got rather a pleasant surprise. Busty is going on holiday with her useless boyfriend tomorrow and she insisted on getting up out of her chair and hugging me. It was then that I realise their was quite a few pounds of boobage being pressed together.

And it felt good! đŸ˜‰

So much so that I also added a turn from side to side whilst hugging her. I guess the effect was that we were rubbing boobs against each other.

Shame we were dressed…