They’ll Do Anything – Even Have Sex On TV

By | June 24, 2009

Strapon JaneAnd that, boys and girls, about where Big Brother seems to be heading. OK so, unless I’ve missed something nobody has yet had full sex on the show, but it’s only a matter of time. They’ve done everything else, lots of topless, a couple of full nudes and an alleged BJ under the bedclothes and a hand job under the table.

“But wait!” I hear you cry, “Surely with appalling viewing figures which are declining by the week Big Brother will be cancelled”.

Erm, no.

It would appear that despite the crashing audience numbers Channel 4 have invited this tired old format back for yet another year. Davina’s own personal gravy train will be chugging back into has-been station next year for an eleventh series.

Who will they have in the house next year and what on earth will they get up to. Maybe, instead of the thinly disguised career non-celebs that are in the house this year they’ll drop all the pretence and install a house full of adult entertainers. They could have their medical certs checked on the way in and spend 13 weeks fucking each other.

Most of the coverage is now on in the early hours of the morning so scheduling the smut wouldn’t cause an issue. That would be something that viewers would stay up and watch. The demographic would change too, bringing in more male viewers, especially after the pubs chuck out on Friday and Saturday nights.

I think my mum might stop watching though.

BTW the image is not Davina McColl it’s Strapon Jane at the Passion show at Olympia .