Cock Obsessed

By | February 28, 2006

Wouldn’t life be dull if we did the same thing day after day? No creativity, no evolution, not being open to new ideas.

Apart from the mediocre pay and the general attitude at the office being, “If the s**t just hit the fan it must be a problem for Alex to clear up”, I do enjoy my job as it allows me to express my creative and inventive side.

It’s the same with my home life and yes, you knew were I was going didn’t you, with our sex life. I’m not talking about dressing up or role play, but something more subtle and intimate. The way in which we fuck is ever changing. It’s about responding to each other and reacting to the other’s needs.

It happens on what you might call a “micro” scale each time we make love. Touching, licking, biting, screwing, tuning each of these to the other’s responses. That’s what real love making is about, two bodies, two beings becoming as one. Bodies and consciousnesses entwining until we become a unified sexual being.

It’s the sort of subtlety that can only come about if you are each comfortable with the other and have the time to explore and understand each other. It’s the exact opposite of the one night stand, the copulation for instant gratification. It’s the sort of minutely delicate interplay that comes with familiarity with your partner and can only be attained through lots of practice. Hardly an onerous duty and one which we both find infinitely satisfying.

Then there are changes on the “macro” level, which is what moved me to write this. When we first met Suze was not the biggest fan of giving oral sex. Not averse to it but it was a small part of our sex lives. She never deliberately gagged and certainly never swallowed.

Over the years oral sex, given and received by us both, has become increasingly important to us as part of our sexual play. This has been a gradual evolution, natural, comfortable. Ok, yes there have been some landmarks, such as the first time I came in Suzanne’s mouth, the first time we rimmed each other, but we seemed to have reached these milestones gradually, naturally.

Recently I noticed a paradigm shift in Suzanne’s preferences. If you read my poetry of a few days ago you’ll know what I mean. She has suddenly started sucking my cock at every possible opportunity. And when she’s down there it’s difficult to get her off it. Not to say that she’s gone off the idea of penetration, her enthusiasm for that is as strong as ever.

So what is it with the sudden predilection for cock worship? What has happened to make her change? This is revolution not evolution.

Take last night. We kissed briefly, then Suze began to make her inexorable way southwards. She paused at my nipples, licking, biting and sucking them. Her lithe, wet tongue making me groan.

Her hand was already at work on my groin. Stroking my inner thighs, massaging my perineum with the skill of an adept. Her mouth descended. The digital and oral stimulation had me hard as steel.

Her tongue is wonderful, ceaseless in its movement, sensual in its caresses. She has me tingling in seconds and holds me there for minutes, tens of minutes. Pre-cum dribbles from my glans, she drinks from me greedily. My body convulses as she continues to torture me with this pleasure.

If her hand is not stroking my sack it’s holding it firmly, almost too firmly. But she knows, she can feel the pain as I strain at the cage created by her fingers. Occasionally she’ll squeeze, playfully, but with such conviction that I feel that I want to submit to her control.

Funny never thought of myself seriously as a sub until now, maybe it’s just in this situation. And that’s the thing, does she want me to come in her mouth, fuck her throat until I spray semen into her waiting maw? Or does she want me to save my load and pump her ferociously, take her without mercy and make her pussy raw from the assault of my phallus?

As you can tell this is not a complaint, just a question, both to you out there and to Suzanne. What’s the draw of my cock?