Classy Fucks

By | June 26, 2009

Eva HerzigovaI’m certainly in the wrong trade, I’ve decided I will never make my fortune being an employee of a company and working the usual 9 to 5.

This woman got it right, I didn’t realise so much money could be made out of good old prostitution.

I just read that a madam based in Hollywood has declared in court that she was supplying hookers at the rate of £30,000 a night. Wow!

The woman Michelle Braun aged 31 who is a mother of two had been supplying hookers to the celebrity world and notable public figures. She had more than 70 women on the books, which included actresses, models and Playboy centrefolds.

It has been declared that she has made more than £5 million from her vice ring.

She has evaded a jail sentence for money laundering and prostitution charges and it has been recommended that she is fined £20,000 and confined at home for 6 months.

I think she got off rather lightly, don’t you?

Wonder if she wants to sell the business on. Lol