How Far Would I Go!?!

By | June 26, 2009

Suze PolaroidThere are some potentially life changing forces at work at chez AlexSuze at the moment. Some of the things that are happening are of our own choice, others are evenets outside our control and have made me re-evaluate my online presence. I’m not saying that we are planning on closing down, far from it. Just rethinking a few things.

It’s strange how you can wake up one morning and the steady life you have can be rocked. That is exactly where we are at the moment. Betwixt what to do and the sensible course. I suppose sometimes you just have to go with your instincts.

That is where the dilemma begins, because I may come across as being a bit of a redhead in a blondes body but I’m not. I’m a deep thinker, I think Alex would agree that I sometimes have a tendency to over complicate through over thinking.

He’s right! Lol

As part of my thought patterns this evening being assailed with reactionary synapse responses I posed this question…

…”would I be prepared to reveal my true identity for substantial financial gain?”

And do you know at this point in time I actually gave it proper consideration. Something I have never considered before.

But one question I want to pose to you dear readers is…”would you still read once the air of mystery has gone and you know who we are?”

Food for thought indeed…