Porn On Your Coffee Table

By | June 26, 2009

Jeff Koons glass sculptureI don’t know quite how I came across Jeff Koons, I don’t move in the art world at all and am totally out of touch with the latest fashion and artistic talent. But he seems to have taken the USA by storm and even used one of his famous inflatables in the Macys Thanksgiving parade in 2007, a huge shiny bunny.

He is currently exhibiting his work at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Chicago, which is where I caught up with him. Until now I hadn’t heard of him and certainly don’t recall seeing any of his work.

His work moves me…moves me to laughter. I find there is a sense fun in this mans work, he comes across as being quite playful. Check out some of his exhibition pieces over on the MCA site.

I was intrigued and found some really amusing pieces which were interspersed with the naughty. In fact it does tell you to express caution if attending with children as some of the pieces are sexually explicit.

And they are the piece at the top of this post is well…naughty. Now would you dare put this on your coffee table? 😉