In Pursuit Of Porn

By | June 27, 2009

Carmel MooreAlex and I have several projects in the pipeline over the coming weeks and we will fill you in on exactly what is happening once the details have been finalised.

Needless to say, there are going to be changes around here, all for the better of course. 🙂

One thing you can know for certain about Alex & Suze is that we don’t stand still for long and are always looking out for new things to bring this site and its readers. That is what singles us out from other sites, our diversity and constant evolution.

As part of one of our new projects we needed to get our hands on some printed porn. Not something we often indulge in. If we want to watch something naughty we have an extensive collection of porn DVD‘s or there are plenty of online sites.

But this required us finding a copy of a certain Lad’s Mag. Now you might think that is an easy task. Think again. The number of newsagents on the high street who stock porn mags is restricted and then not all of them carry the full range of mags available.

So our weekend task is to visit as many newsagents as we can in search of this periodical. If you see us scanning the top shelf in your local shop say “Hi”.

And if we don’t find a copy I will be back to consult you on where to find a copy. Wish me luck. 😉