White Panty Camel Toe Fetish

By | June 30, 2013

Anna KournikovaAt one time the search term “Anna Kournikova” was the most searched term on Google. Not so any more but most people know who she is. If you search for her now you can find hundreds of images of her and couple of camel toe shots taken during tournaments and via long-lenses away from the court.

Each to their own I suppose, I never did get the camel toe fetish thing.

Kournikova did make tennis sexy in a way that no other player had done before. I remember my father having a thing about Chris Evert when she played at Wimbeldon, but that was far less overt. The blonde Russian’s debut on the world stage of tennis was where tennis players became sex symbols.

Now of course, with the undoubtedly lovely Anan Kournikova no longer in the ascendancy everyone’s looking for new Court Cuties – hey I just made up a new buzz phrase 😛

The latest seems to be Gisela Dulko. If you haven’t seen her before there’s a picture inset.

Very nice, she can come any play with my balls any time.