Another Sex Related Injury

By | June 28, 2009

MasturbationToday has brought all kinds of weather here in our little corner of Britain. This morning it was foggy and rather miserable and then by mid morning it started to get a little bit humid. And tonight the sun returned just before sun set and it is as hot as hell.

We have fans pointing at us as we sit here baking in front of our PC’s.

Earlier this evening it was just too hot to be in the small office that we have at home so we moved into our bedroom. Although it was hot it wasn’t quite so bad, especially when we turned the pedestal fan on and let it oscillate over us.

However, there is a draw back to fucking in the air stream of a fan. Dryness. After a while with your ass turned towards it, letting that air blow on you and your partners back things start to dry out.

In particular my clit. So precautions have to be taken and a blob of lube run around my clit before we start helps. There you go another Suze tip. Lol If you don’t do this, just like me the other night, you will suffer clit drag and it is most uncomfortable. It feels like someone is running fine sandpaper over your clit.


I was prepared for that this time. But not for the vigorous doggy style fucking that Alex gave me. No sweat spared he powered in to me like a 20 year old sexual stallion and it was knee trembling good.

But as he gave it his last thrust he flung himself at me with such force that my left wrist gave up the ghost and I am now finding that I cannot put a lot of weight on it. I know it’s not fractured because I would be in pain rather than discomfort.

Next time we fuck like that I need some warning before he jettisons into me and I can drop to my elbows. It’s safer. 😉

Did you get that Alex?