Finding Friends For Fucks

By | June 29, 2009

Gay Pride iPhoneThe Apple grinder app was something that I would never had come across if I hadn’t been told about Stephen Fry’s appearance on Top Gear last night. He mentioned it during his preamble interview to the “Star In A Reasonably Priced Car” feature and raised a few eyebrows.

I wouldn’t have known about it for several reasons. Firstly I don’t have an iPhone. Because of that I don’t download apps. Then there’s the issue that being heterosexual I’m not likely to search for an app that’s designed to help homosexuals cruise via their iPhone and GPS.

There is however another reason that I would not have found the application. Despite actually looking for the app, knowing its name and knowing its purpose and mobile platform I was unable to find it on the web or on Apple’s site.

Are we having an Amazon moment here? Maybe searches are being screened to remove references to this app? I don’t think it’s just me entering stupid search phrases, they were pretty specific and I tried lots of different combinations.

Odd eh?

Aren’t gay-themed searches allowed anywhere now.