Hot Sex

By | June 30, 2009

GlowingJust as we thought it couldn’t get much hotter it has. Temperatures here in the UK have hit their highest since 2006 and as the week goes on they are set to rise even further.

I love warm weather but this is too much, there is no escape from the heat in the evenings. How I long for air con. As I sit here with my flesh glistening and the fan is blowing warm air at me my desire to fuck is percolating inside me.

But I know that it is too hot to ask Alex to do the naughty. He would surely boil over if I did. So, what can I do to relive myself in the meantime? Toys are probably the answer but I have been giving my clit quite a lot of action these past few days.

And I’ve noticed that I loose the sensitivity in my clit if I wank too much. 😉 I proved that you can over wank your clit by abstaining for a few days and the sensitivity in my little pink nub once I returned to my normal behaviour made my toes curl.

I’m not sure how long I can hold out.

Are there any air conditioner installers reading this blog? Suze needs your help.