No Bra – No Panties!

By | June 30, 2009

CrouchIt was so hot today that I considered going to work with no panties. And then I thought…they aren’t that big anyway as I wear a thong. Would it make a difference, apart from the knowledge that I was walking around at work without any on?

We also have several flights of stairs at work and no lift. So, someone may just be able to catch and eye full of my pussy as I climb the stairs.

You know I’m quite liking the idea!

Whilst searching around on the Internet for underwear related items I found out that a company which recycles fabric is backing a collection service in the Brighton & Hove area of the country.

They are launching the Bra Bank, where all contributions will be transported to Africa, Pakistan and Eastern Europe to be repaired and sold on. Money made from this is going to a local breast cancer charity.

What a fantastic idea. I think it should be rolled out all over the UK and the proceeds perhaps given to the MacMillan nurses who do so much for the cause.

They would not need to ask me twice to take my bra off. 😉