Eyeing Up The Cock

By | July 1, 2009

Gormy GirlThe company I work for have advertised a technical position which they have been seeing candidates for this week. May I add that they are very sexist and I haven’t seen one woman come through the door, although the job would suit a woman just as well.

It is a subject that enrages me no end but I won’t go there, or we could be hours. Needless to say you don’t get far with them unless you have a cock. Lol

Each candidate has been take around the various departments to meet us all as part of their interview. This morning we had a guy who would not have looked out of place in Lord Of The Rings…my precious.

He was followed by a chap who would have looked right in the Simpsons sat on a bar stool in Moe’s. Then later in the morning we had a guy with slicked hair who may have been wearing spats, I couldn’t see.

Then finally this afternoon a guy dressed rather dapper and good looking turned up. I showed in to the offices and he was very polite too. My money was on him out of all the candidates I saw. He was a favourite with Horny and Skinny downstairs too. 😉

He was a good deal younger than me but I would have…

Now bear in mind that the ultimate say on these guys comes from The Bully and as you will know from my accounts about work, he has selected the most spineless misfits with social inadequacies for his staff already.

So I asked myself which guy he would go for.

You guessed it, he went for the first guy. But what made me laugh was his reason for not favouring the good looking guy. Go on, try to guess why he didn’t think he would be suitable.

I’ll wait…

…I bet you didn’t guess this one. “He was wearing a bag I though he looked as if he may be gay!” I know, I was astounded that a) he should be a homophobe and b) that all guys are wearing canvas shoulder bags these days to carry their work and or laptops around.

There, you have a flavour of the asshole that I have to work in the same office as every day.

What a knob. Lol