Sex And Horoscopes

By | July 1, 2009

Queen Of SwordsI don’t read horoscopes, I’m not a believer I’m afraid. However this one from the newspaper was quite interesting:

“Fellow (my sign)s can help you to realise a long lost dream. Seek one out in your circle today. Someone, from the past, needs to be put out of your mind and heart once and for all.”

I’m always vaguely amused that the “predictions” given are nice and vague, vague enough to fit pretty much any situation. Reading the extract above I can categorically state that the words do in fact fit my current situation, sort of. But then again they also fit the situation Suze is in and she’s not my sign.

So I decided to have a look at the other signs.

None of the ones in that particular newspaper fitted us at all – apart from 2.

Suze is on the cusp of two signs, the first stated:

“You find it hard to think of anything but work, but then if you look closely you will see the reasons are obvious, as deadlines, promises and lucrative deals are all calling out to you.”

The second:

“You must not take out a worry in the workplace on your family. All they are trying to do is to help you make light of the situation, and to try to work out a successful solution with you.”

That’s odd because all of the above can fit our current situation and that’s bloody spooky considering that I’m a non-believer.

Maybe I should talk to an astrologer about how to entice some dirty ladies for a night of three-way love …