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By | July 1, 2009

SexAs regular readers will know we review sex toys, we also try and be as experimental in our love making, well experimental as our increasingly hectic schedule allows. I have to say that the current heat wave is having more of an effect on our explorations than the extra work.

The shear effort involved in sex is the limiting factor on what we do in bed at the moment. Even foreplay is stifled because the touch of a sticky, sweaty hand isn’t always entirely erotic …

I mention it because I was reading an article about Britain’s weirdest and most inventive chef, Heston Blumenthal. You can read the article here.

Heston is a person that is not happy with what you and I would regard as normal food. He has to re-invent it, mix unusual flavours and give the diner something they are not expecting. Savouries that look like deserts, deserts that look like a Sunday morning fry-up. That sort of thing.

That sort of adventurous gastronomy come together, not because of the sort of food play that most couples have indulged in, in the bedroom but because of the contrivance involved in the creation of his dishes.

Sex in its basic form is without props or elaborate scenarios. Foreplay is about the sensory interaction between two people and what way their body’s react to each other. There is no need for anything else.

I’m not trying to say that we should all just have vanilla sex, but we should appreciate that vanilla sex is where it started and just having vanilla sex once in a while can be quite refreshing. With a bedpost hung with whips and floggers as we have and crates piled high with toys (yes we have crates and shelves overflowing with toys) you could assume that we never make love without some form of aid.

You would be completely wrong.

Because we always have access to an array of sex toys and adult products, DVDs and erotic audio we tend to pick and choose when and what we bring to bed with us.

Some products are a regular companion to us between the sheets and yet often as not we just do the dirty with just the two of us in the sack.

A question that often presents itself to me when I am talking to or thinking about couples in the BDSM lifestyle is “Do they ever just have sex?”. The excitement, tension and psychological interplay that makes their relationship is all well and good and may form the backbone of their relationship, but do they ever just “Do it”? In the same way that we occasionally get down to a bit of D/s action.

Thoughts anyone?

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