Hot And Sticky Screw

By | July 1, 2009

HotWell, we are now officially in the grip of a heatwave. Temperatures here in the UK are soaring in to the 32 degrees mark in the south of the country and where I am it is currently 28 degrees.

I’m so glad that they installed air conditioning units in the offices at the beginning of the year but when you come out and get in the car it almost knocks you over. And then I got home and the heat in the house is nothing short of oppressive.

If this carries on I may have to turn celibate. Lol Alex and I waited until quite late on yesterday evening to get down to some naughtiness in front of an oscillating pedestal fan. It is taking every bit of energy to fight the heat.

Don’t get me wrong I love sunny weather but I can’t cope with the heat and the only place I can go at the moment to escape from it is the office. I would take Alex back there in the evening but they have security cameras.

Can you imagine it? I would probably find the footage on YouTube the next day. Lol

So for the time being we are just having to suffer for our desires.