Do You Suck?

By | July 2, 2009

The BatThe poor little bugger pictured here doesn’t. He’s currently living with us after we found him on the patio this evening. He’s exhausted, probably because of the heat and was very dehydrated. Suze gave him some water to drink (hence the puddle) and I’ve brought him inside, given him more water and tried to make him comfortable in his own box away from the cat and other predators.

I’ve rung bat rescue but I’m still waiting for a call back so he may be with us for a while. Normally I’d release him again after giving him a bit of water but he seems to have a problem with his left wing so I want an expert to have a look at him. He may be joining me at work tomorrow.

If you’re wondering he’s tiny BTW. No he doesn’t suck blood and unless you’re an insect isn’t going to hurt anyone. Well, that’s not strictly true, a tiny number have a rabies like virus so I’m handling him with gloves but apart from that …