Sexy Vampire – And Update

By | July 2, 2009

Female VampireToday was a weird day at work. I took the bat that we found in our garden last night into the office. He had his own little box on my desk.

I’d managed to get some water into it by using a piece of wet loo roll – he sucked the moisture off the end. Top tip from the bat rescue guy I talked to. I also managed to get some nice mealworms down his neck. It was very gratifying to see him chomping away at the juicy grubs.

Sadly, when the bat rescue guy came for him my worst fears were confirmed. He could have a broken wing. That being the case he’ll have to be put down. However I’ve given him the best chance of survival I can so we’ll see …

So to cheer me up and anyone else who likes bats I’ve found the inset picture.

Any excuse for a vampire …