Suze Puts Out For YOU ;)

By | July 4, 2009

SuzeI’m sure you have already gathered if you have been reading my posts for some time that I have been less than enamoured with work lately. Well, to be honest it goes back to me being 6 months in to my job.

Don’t get me wrong I love some of the people there as you know but other are arseholes and this unfortunately includes the management and directors. I’m going to make no secret of the fact that working there has completely demoralised me.

If you give them ideas they steal them and make them theirs, it reminds me of a sketch from the fast show where Arabella Weir is making excellent suggestions in a meeting with male colleagues to be ignored and then minutes later one of the guys claims her idea and is congratulated with it.

I suppose that sums up the prevailing attitude in the company.

Not healthy, supportive, encouraging, nurturing or enriching in any way.

My role when taken on was one which was promised to grow and didn’t and indeed when I saw opportunities arise, I was overlooked despite verbally raising interest. They wanted to keep me in the menial role they originally employed me in and that exasperated me no end.

And at this point may I say that after 2 years and 3 months of faithful service I have never been given a performance review or salary review. As you can imagine I’m a little more than disgruntled with the company.

I almost feel like I have been treated with contempt.

So a few months ago, totally pissed off I decided enough was enough as I watched then contemplate taking someone else on to do a job I would have loved.

And we both made the decision that I should leave and apply myself full time to our sites and you. So I am letting you all in to a little secret…

…Suze is now at your disposal. As of today I am a free woman. My last day with that terrible company has been served just like a prison sentence.

I promised to keep in touch with Busty and Horny and all the gossip and we all plan to meet up in a few weeks to catch up. It won’t be the last you hear of them and I will be a happier person for not having to go there every day. 🙂