Sex Blogger Nude 4-Way

By | July 4, 2009

MoresomeLast night we got home, I cooked, we ate and Suze said “Let’s have five minutes rest.” So we lay on the bed and spooned …

… we woke up at ten in the evening, both of us were mentally and physically drained by the week’s events.

The interesting thing is that I had two dreams while I was asleep. Both were very vivid, and one I’ll recount to you now.

When someone comes to your house, particularly when they stay over night your house is not you own. It’s not that the people are unwelcome, but when you are used to your space having someone else in it means that you feel uncomfortable about doing certain things. For example it’s not really a good idea to wander around naked if your friends are staying over.

Unless they are a certain type of friend, if you know what I mean.

I had exactly that sort of dream a week or so ago at the start of the heat wave. I dreamt I had got up in the middle of the night to investigate a noise and realised I was naked (I sleep naked except for a T-Shirt). Then the female half of the couple that were staying with us got up and copped an eyeful of me on the landing with my cock out. I was hugely embarrassed and retreated to our room to put on some clothes.

The dream I had last night was somewhat different.

We had been shopping and bumped into a couple who began chatting with us and from what they said we realised they were fellow sex bloggers. Don’t ask me exactly what was said, it was a dream. Anyway the upshot was that they were invited back to ours and eventually decided to stop overnight.

In the evening they came downstairs to our kitchen and found me there, naked, getting drinks for Suze and myself. This isn’t one of those “being naked in front of a crowd of people” type dreams. It’s hot at the moment and not having my kit on around the house is normal, though dangerous – On a large horse a tall rider can see in through out kitchen window from the bridal path which runs behind our property. LOL

Anyway, they were both un-phased, as was I. We chatted and then retired to our respective rooms.

Later we had to keep quiet while we tested sex toys. That was odd as like I said before were used to being able to do stuff like that totally inhibited. It was like trying to make love while your parents were in the next room.

Odd Eh?