Hugs, Kisses And …

By | July 5, 2009

BlondeIf you read my post the other day you will know that I have handed in my notice at work and that Friday was my last day working for those bastards.

It was a high octane, emotionally fuelled day with it’s own dichotomy. I wanted to leave, see the back of the place but I certainly didn’t want to leave behind the many friends I have made during my time there.

A kind of bitter sweet feeling. One part of me saw me bubbly and joking and the other emotional side emerged every time someone mentioned me not being there on Monday and missing me.

Even Tomboy begged for me to stay and help her alliance against The Bully.

I was really touched that so many people were going to miss me. And I was instructed to return to the office early from lunch.

As I did so the boss was leaving and there was a very awkward handshake and exchange of words. I can only remember good luck and me not knowing what to say. Well, I did really. I wanted to say I hope you shrivel up and die you miserly old bastard and that my time there had been wasted, I could have been making a career for myself.

I simply bit my lip. I’m sure he was expecting me to come out with something along the lines of “It has been a pleasure working here” because he looked at me with anticipation and then made an exit as I said I had to go and see what the girls were doing.

They held a little party for me (Horny had to explain to the boss that we were doing it in our own time. How sad is that, they are so scared of doing anything wrong! Yet another good reason to get out). I was presented with a couple of lovely gifts and a bottle of booze.

I managed to fight back the tears right up to the point of saying my final goodbyes at leaving time. Horny was welling up too so I made a quick escaped so I wouldn’t prolong the ordeal and promised to go out with them all soon.

Here’s looking forward to Monday and my new career path…