Mantric Dinky Banger Review

By | May 12, 2007

The kind people at Barbara Kelly asked us to review the Mantric Dinky Banger cock ring recently. In all honesty I wasn’t looking forward to it. I’ve had three cock rings before, if you include the cock and ball set I have, and apart from the cock and ball ring set they’ve been less than impressive.

One was just an adjustable cock ring, which didn’t adjust too well and the other was made of plastic that was just a little too hard and far too small for my cock. Now OK I have a fair sized penis, but I’m not John Holmes so to me that was just bloody bad design.

Anyway back to the Mantric Dinky Banger. The first thing I tend to do when we unpack a toy for review is check the bullet or vibrating element of the product for frequency and amplitude of vibration, i.e. how fast and how hard 🙂 The bullet in the Dinky Banger is very powerful for its small size and quite high frequency. Good start. It takes three button cells, that are supplied with the product, already fitted but isolated with a plastic tab that you remove before use.

The ring itself is of a silicone style plastic, with the texture of slightly sticky jelly, much like Suzanne’s jelly vibrator. Because of this slight stickiness I lightly lubed the ring before inserting the bullet and pushing the ring over my cock. This aided the insertion of the bullet into its pocket below the ring and made sure it didn’t pinch the skin on my cock.

The plastic is so soft that I didn’t experience any of the awkwardness of the other cock rings that I’ve used when putting it on. Nor did it pinch or become uncomfortable during use. The hole in the ring expands from the size of a pencil to a diameter which allows me to pass my hand through it and wear it as a bracelet, LOL, which I think accommodates all sizes of appendage.

One side of the bullet pocket is textured with domed protrusions, the other with rectangular ones. The plastic is so soft that it made no difference to the sensation for Suze or myself which way round these were worn. The rest of the surface of the ring is covered in 3mm long “spikes”, but being made of such lovely soft plastic they aren’t very spiky. They do add to the look and texture of the Dinky Banger when in use.

And so to use. As I said I lubed up the DB first, this avoided any rubbing/pinching and had it resting on my balls in seconds. Suze was eager to have a play with it, yes the DB and my cock, so I lay back and let her get on with it.

She found that in common with most cock vibes when just resting on my balls I experience a tingling sensation (which with my synaesthesia feels like little golden stars in blue plasma, like throwing iron filings through the flame of a Bunsen burner). Because of the effectiveness of the bullet in this product this was the most intense stimulation I have experienced from a cock vibe to date.

Pulling my now turgid cock down so the vibe was resting on the bullet, sandwiching it between cock and balls the sensation was of a deep vibration throught my genitals. Very pleasurable and very naughty.

Suze watched me, laying back with a silly grin on my face, and toyed with my cock until I was hard. She leant forward from her kneeling position and took the tip of my erect member in her mouth. As you can imagine this was purely for the purposes of the review. Alas, no vibrations were transmitted into her mouth, now that would have been naughty.

The next step was obvious and eagerly taken by both of us. We had decided that doggy would be best, with the bullet hanging against my balls and against Suze’s clit when I was fully inside her. Her excitement at the thought of trying out a new toy meant I was able to slip straight into her and make her gasp, both from the depth of my penetration(I was very “pleased” by the sensations I was receiving from the Dinky Banger) and from the thrill she got when the bullet touched her clit.

It’s funny but wearing the DB made me change my technique, instead of my usual repertoire of thrusts and gyrations. I wanted to grind against Suze more than I would usually because I knew that this pressed the bullet against her clitoris and was giving her a great deal of pleasure.

Suze pushed back against me as I pushed forward, but always let me withdraw. I think it was the knowledge that the next collision of my groin and hers would be all the more pleasurable if the stimulation was allowed to abate for just a moment. Her orgasms (no I don’t know how many) bore witness to the success of this cooperation between us.

When I came, not long after we started but with us both buzzing in all sorts of ways I buried my crotch into hers and ground for all I was worth. Fan-bloody-tastic.

In summary; Because of the soft nature of the plastic the Dinky Banger is wonderfully comfortable but will not assist you in maintaining an erection. If you’re after that sort of boost look somewhere else. However I’m not sure that with the tingling stimulation of the bullet on your balls and you partner grinding her pelvis on your groin you’ll have too much trouble with erections or a very happy finish 😉 This may become one of my favourite bedroom buddies.

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