Why Are Waitresses So Fucking Sexy?

By | July 6, 2009

Latex WaitressWe got up this morning looking forward to spending a few hours at the ETO show before heading back home.

Despite the room being a bit on the pricey side breakfast was extra, as was Internet access. But as they say “We’re worth it” LOL Not having had a holiday for years (except for the trip to Salisbury earlier this year) I think we deserved it.

Anyway. I got into trouble over breakfast. Maybe it was the company at breakfast (lots of adult industry people and a few porn stars) or maybe it was looking as sex toys all yesterday? Whatever the reason I was well and truly busted because my eye was caught by one of the waitresses.

She was slightly curvy, brunette and very cute. All of them wore a simple uniform but this one wore it very well, hips accentuated in her dark blue skirt and her ample chest threatening to burst the top button on her cream blouse. I was wondering if she wanted to provide a little room service when Suze spotted my interest and asked what I was up to.

I only got a mock telling-off because she does the same with guys so it’s allowed.

And anyway – when it comes to the female of the species it’s share and share alike as far as we’re concerned.

Right, must dash. Our presence is required at the exhibition.