Cruising For Sex

By | July 6, 2009

BlondeI wrote on Friday about a dream I had whilst dozing in the evening. I mentioned there was another dream, or more accurately another section to the same dream and I’ll recount that to you now.

I was in a trendy coffee shop, with my bicycle. Yes my bike. Suze was watching me from one of the tables sipping from a cappuccino. If I could digress for a moment I just realised that I remember the word cappuccino being very exotic and the fact that I can actually spell it and use it in the course of my every day writing is actually rather amusing. Anyway, Suze is sitting there watching me over the froth on her coffee.

I’m queuing to be served with my bike – look, I don’t know why my bike isn’t locked up outside – with my tight Lycra cycling shorts on.

I start eyeing up the other people queuing as they are all female and rather attractive. They seem vaguely familiar and I realise after a while that they all seem to have one of Suze’s attributes. While they are all individuals they each have one thing which is recognisably Suze in one case it was their eyes, another the hair and the one who was actually serving had Suze’s smile.

I knew, as you do in dreams, what Suze wanted me to do. So I started to chat up the women. It didn’t take many words and soon one of them, the one with Suze’s eyes, dropped to her knees and began to pull down my Lycra shorts releasing my cock. It sprung to attention much to the delight of the other women. The one serving leant over the counter, her ample cleavage trying to spill from her low-cut top.

Suze spread her legs. Her short skirt riding up and giving me a view of her shaved pussy under the table as she continued to sip her frothy coffee.

The customer knelt in front to of me started to lick my cock. Suze slipped a hand between her legs and toyed with her clitoris. She closed her eyes and let her head roll backwards as the pleasure blossomed within her.

I was being drawn in now, deep into the mouth of this complete stranger. I felt the urge to fuck her mouth and did not fight it. Suze was watching me again smiling and relishing the sight of her man pushing his cock down a strange woman’s throat. I could see the getting close, when you’ve fuck someone as often as I’ve fucked Suze the signs are unmistakeable. Then in a flash she grabbed the edge of the table with one hand and drove deep into her pussy with the other. Suze let out a cry and came, pressing her thighs together, trapping her hand and then becoming limp.

That was all I needed it was like the final permission to take the blowjob I was getting to the next level. I let my orgasm rise and within a few strokes was pumping semen into the kneeling stranger’s mouth.

Then I woke up. I looked down expecting to see my stomach covered in semen but found Suze looking back at me with white blobs of cum on her lips.

“I could see you were enjoying yourself so I thought I’d help out …” she explained.