Suit Fetish Weirdo Freaks

By | July 7, 2009

Suited ManA thought just occurred to me. We were walking back to the hotel yesterday afternoon and had to walk through the bar to reception to have our car parking ticket validated so we could leave without paying the £10 Fee.

We entered the bar, laden with bags and happy to be completing an arduous two days. The bags made it pretty obvious where we’d been – the adult show. And for two days that was a completely normal place to be. It’s so easy to talk to people about the industry in that environment, it’s normal, natural and fun.

So walking through a bar full of suited business people made me smile. Their “normal” business suits, their manners, their “professionalism” … I don’t want to belittle them, but at the same time as I return to that world of suits and offices and terribly boring routine I have to ask if life has to be like that. And do they know what they are missing.

Probably not, but then again we have everyone doing the things that we do now can we LOL