Illicit Pictures

By | July 7, 2009

Bang TidyIt was a very warm Sunday walking around the ETO exhibition hall. I suppose you could describe it as a hot and steamy event. Lol

There were some very interesting stands, one BDSM site in particular caught my eye. Some of the things on there were nothing short of scary but the people were geat. Alex will be adding some pictures to the site over the coming days so you can get a flavour of the naughtiness we were part of. 😉

It was great to be able to meet some of the people we have been communicating for weeks with via emails and phone calls. Nothing can replace face to face contact and you get to find out that there are people out there who are just as crazy as you.

I also got to meet a guy I have been communicating with via twitter for some time now and he is just as I imagined him to be. Completely mental, I mean that in the best way. We both have the same sense of humour. He really is a great guy and we all got on really well, like we had known each other for years.

I’ve also got something in my bag which I will be reviewing for Sex Toys Buzz soon, you will love it. I believe I will be one of the first people to get my hands on one. So watch out for the review.

There was an air of familiarity to the exhibition too because last year I was an ETO virgin. This year people recognised us and came up to say hello. We were almost outed too by the Paparazi.

On a couple of occasions I had to ask that people didn’t take photographs of us. It felt like we had suddenly become famous. Lol