Touching Baise

By | May 13, 2007

I felt the warmth of his hand on the middle of my back and I bent forward, unresisting.  My ribcage was pressing against the cool mahogany and I parted my legs to steady myself on my black patent stilettos.  They dug in to the carpet as I distributed my weight between my legs and my hands which were placed on the top of the cushion rail.

The heat from the lamp above was warming the air around the top of the table contrasting with the cool air rising between my open legs and moist gusset.  My black mid thigh length skirt was stretched to the max and the tops of my stockings were now visible. 

He spat on his hand before slipping it between my pouting pussy lips, running his fingers between my fleshy valley.  Saliva wasn’t really necessary, I was already wet and ready to receive him.  He raised his fingers to my lips and ran them lightly over my bottom lip.  I opened my mouths allowing his fingers to slip inside.  My nostrils were filled with my essence and I ran my tongue around his wet fingers.

I pushed my tongue up against his fingers, sucking my own juices from them.  He removed them and I felt his hardness graze my buttocks as he pushed between my legs with his cock.  He eased my skirt up higher, it had now become nothing more than a black belt.  Fingers slid under my g-string, pulling it over to the side.

His cock pushed deeper between my legs, seeking out my swollen hole.  I could feel his hot breath against my neck, under my white shirt collar.  The hairs on my arms stood up and my nipples pushed up hard against the cups of my bra.  One more push and he was inside me and his groin was up against me, pushing me against the snooker table.

I raised myself on to my elbows as he took his first thrust.  My pussy lips closing behind him like a door.  Then bang…as he pushed straight in to me right up to the hilt.  I swear he just punched my cervix with his hard cock.  And it felt good, I felt full and fulfilled as every inch of him was eaten by my hungry pussy.

My g-spot was being massage by his erection, with each pass of his cock my orgasm grew.  My legs began to tremble and my pussy tingle as he bashed in and out of me like a man possessed.  He was now gripping my hips tightly with his hands and fucking me like a whore.  My pussy began to spasm and I started to come.  “Fuck me hard, fuck me…”, I called out.  He started to groan in to my right ear as he pummelled my ass.

I was so wet now.  Come was running down my inner thigh and his wet balls were beating against me rhythmically.  He was now in the pre orgasm rhythm that men adopt when they are close, nothing can put them off their stride when they are at this stage.  With one almighty thrust and deep throated groan he ejaculated inside me.  I was…

…”Suze, how do you feel about that?”, enquired the voice.

…Errr!  I was now back in the meeting again.  “Can you just run that by me again”, I asked thinking on my toes.

We were in the boardroom at work having our first monthly meeting since I arrived.  It was a long wood panelled room, very much in the traditional boadroom style of years ago.  At the far end from the mahogany table stood the snooker table complete with scoreboard and cues.  Unusual for a company to have it’s own snooker table and it fired my imagination during the meeting and enlivened it.

It does raise the question, “why is snooker table sex so popular at the moment?”.  We recently purchased a DVD from our sex store with some FFM action on a table.  It also features quite heavily in the adult galleries too.

So, just what is the attraction of sex on a snooker table?  I mean, it can’t be comfy fucking on a slate table covered in baise, can it?  Then you have to be careful not to damage the baise with either your shoes or cum.  I would say that it is a totally impractical piece of equipment what do you think?