Eating Sausage With A Porn Star

By | July 7, 2009

Tanya TateAfter spending the day walking around the ETO exhibition hall we retired to our room which was on the top floor of the hotel. The view was great and the veranda was a fantastic place to get some cool air after being in the heat all day.

I walked around up there in my underwear because the positioning of the room meant that nobody could see unless you moved to the edge of the veranda. It was the best way to chill whilst the air con caught up in the room.

As usual we had wifi access so we could keep in touch with you all out there. I couldn’t be without it now. Lol The room itself was bijou by comparison with others we have stayed in but it was very comfortable.

After a quick shower and change of clothing we made our way over to the BBQ that was being held along with the awards presentation. There was plenty of food for both vegetarian and meat eaters alike and I selected a couple of sausages, chicken kebabs and various salads on the side.

We stood outside eating and checking out the company we were in, making the efforts to speak to everyone we knew. I had just finished talking to a guy we have known for a while when I spotted a gorgeous leggy blonde.

I nudged Alex and asked him if it was Tanya Tate. I was sure that it was her but I have never seen her in the flesh, I’m more used to seeing her on my DVD player. Alex confirmed that it was her.

She is participating in our “In Bed With” feature so we had already been in communication with her. Watch out for Tanya’s Interview, it’s coming up soon.

I made my way over and introduced myself to her and received a hug and a kiss. She is such a lovely girl. Intelligent, witty and very warm. We spent a good half-hour or so talking to her, she has had a very interesting life and is really good for a chat.

It certainly made Alex’s evening too. 😉