See-Saw Screwing

By | July 8, 2009

See Saw SexAlex and I had a great time at the BBQ and meeting lots of new people. I also got to speak to a couple of porn producers which was interesting. Hearing the funny stories they had to tell. And after a few glasses of wine I bravely started up a conversation about the elements of porn I find irritating.

He stood and listened whilst I complained that women don’t want to watch 20 minutes of cock sucking at the start of the scene and that I appreciate the guy needs a hand getting hard but that is taking it to the extreme.

Alex confirmed my opinion expressing his dislike for long drawn out blow jobs too. I’m not sure if my comments will be taken on board but at least I go the chance to say them to the right person. Lol

Following the BBQ was the award ceremony which saw a few of our sponsors and friends deservedly receiving awards. And a few more drinks later we decided to retire to our room, it had been a long day.

But we couldn’t go to sleep without christening the bed. 😉 I raised rather precariously on to all fours, assuming my favourite position and Alex tried to line himself up behind me. I say tried because the bed was like a see saw, it moved from side to side, listing like a boat.

It was quiet humorous really and we both giggled as Alex rather deftly managed to aim and fire with success. Lol I’ll tell you it is quite an experience fucking on hotel beds like that one. The last time we had one like that was when we stayed in London after the Passion Show.

I don’t think I will be looking for a bed like that. When we got back it was great to sleep in a bed which didn’t tilt every time you moved. I’ll never take my bed for granted again. 😉