How Many Sexual Positions!

By | July 9, 2009

Sexual PositionsDespite the infinite number of sexual positions available in the Kama Sutra we only use a small percentage of them. Probably because for the rest you need to have the flexibility of a gymnast or ballerina.

Writing this post just made me assess how many we use regularly and you can probably count them on one hand. My favourite has always been the doggy position, a good one for deep penetration, participation and best of all excellent g-spot stimulation.

In fact I took this quiz to test my knowledge of sexual positions and I have to admit that I guessed most of them based on the options available. If I were a stud muffin I would have lied and said I knew them all. Lol

In fact I only guessed 9 correct but hey, that’s enough to see me through.

Give it a try and see how many you know. 😉 Some of the options are hilarious.