My First Test Drive

By | May 20, 2006

Well, first of all can I apologise to the friends I didn’t get around to commenting on yesterday evening. I bet you can guess that I was more than a little busy.

I’m sure you are all dieing to know if I managed to wait to open the “special delivery” until Alex got home. I did, not only that I held out until after dinner, so that we could have an uninterrupted “threesome”.

Click the image to see what I got to play with.

I opened the package and out popped my Eclipse Ultra 7. Not that it particularly matters but it was also in my favourite colour, purple. I removed it from its plastic casing and held it for a moment (good to get to know your equipment before getting intimate) taking in the flexing soft gel feel. Non of the traditional stiff plastic feel about this instrument of pleasure. It’s really nice to hold and looks good too. I am almost tempted to leave it out on the coffee table as an ornament. Perhaps not. LOL.

Lets do the techie stuff first:

  • It has an Ultra-soft jelly outer
  • Ultra-soft jelly rabbit
  • Insertable length 5″
  • Actual length 6.5″ (9″ including controls)
  • Girth 5″ – that’s 1.6″ in diameter girls

Now the important stuff:

  • 3 vibrating speeds
  • 3 pulsing speeds
  • 1 escalating mode

And finally if you can stand all that:

  • 6 Stage ocsilation/rotation
  • 48 rotating ball bearings hitting the spot

Powered by 4 x AA batteries (and you’ll know why when you try it)

All the controls have illuminated indicator lights so you can see what you are doing down there. Personally I had no problems working out where they were and what they did as the controls are clearly different in shape. Differentiation between the speed button and the rotation buttons is simple because they are different shapes which is really helpful when you are guided by touch.

The Run

I lubed up (it’s a fair size, don’t attempt to insert without) but forgot to warm my toy up in the process. Boy, it was cold going in. Too, eager that’s my trouble. My advice when inserting the Eclipse is to make sure that you tilt the base towards your ass as you go in, this lifts the rabbit’s prongs so that they glide over the top of your clit.

It slipped in nicely and the contours and bumps around the head could be felt as I worked it in deeper.

I tried the Pulsing mode first to get me in the mood. This setting is nice and relaxing, taking you slowly there. The start/stop action is very laid back, not like the full on vibration that most provide. The pulses of vibration could be felt resonating through my pubic bone. The three pulsing settings increase in intensity as you work through them. The final escalating pulse pattern goes something like this 1234444444, giving you the kick on the final pulse. I must confess right now that I came earlier on the escalating pulse setting, so this is my second attempt at the review. 😉

The Vibrating sensation is very powerfull, It was then I realised exactly why you needed 4 AA batteries. I turned it up from 1 to 3 and on 3 it nearly shook my brains out, I had to turn it down for fear of having to abandon this review again. I know I’m all heart.

I can only compare the vibration mode to that of being placed on top a fast spinning, slightly off balance, washing machine during spin cycle. However, that doesn’t do it justice. Believe me I have tried the spin cycle and it’s not this good. 🙂 The rabbit’s action brought me to orgasm earlier after I overcame the laughter (as you know I orgasm intensely with clit stimulation). The best simile I can give you if you have never felt a rabbit on your clit, is that it is like having a bumble bee in the crotch of your pants. I know that sounds a little crazy but just think about it for a while. So it’s a definite thumbs up for me.

I now felt comfortable using my Eclipse, we were getting to know each other well. It was time to step up the action and try the Oscillating/Rotation mode. The combination of the oscillation and rotation inside your pussy feels very much like having a cock inside you. It rubs against your inner walls and certainly lets you know there is something powerful between your legs. Whereas other vibes I have used rely on in and out hand action this one satiates on it’s own. If you don’t cum with this and the rabbit combined I would be very surprised. Alex and I had to abandon the review once again at this point, fortunately we had covered most angles, again and again. 🙂

This vibe is a winner with me and it would be quite possible to use it in your room whilst auntie Betty sleeps next door as despite its power it’s reasonably quiet. Don’t stand it on a table unattened while turned on because it will soon make it’s break for freedom.