Beautiful Nude

By | July 10, 2009

Kirsten VarleyChannel 4 television has taken the rather bold step of screening 5 life-drawing classes this week. Each programme is themed differently and lasts roughly 30 minutes. The programmes are aimed at encouraging viewers to pick up a brush, pencil or whatever else they like and participate.

My attention was drawn to yesterday’s class which was “Nude”. Now you would have guessed from the title that there was going to be a nude person featuring in the programme but apparently some viewers complained that Channel 4 were screening pornography at 12.30pm in the afternoon.

All I can say is that there are some really prude and uptight people out there. From the excerpt I watched the programme was handled in a tasteful non titillating way and you couldn’t see any pubic area at all.

So why did these people find it necessary to complain when you can pick up most tabloid newspapers and see the same amount of flesh in print on a daily basis?

You can see the programme here if there are any budding artists reading. 😉