British Girls Have The Tightest Pussies

By | July 11, 2009

White bikiniI’ve been trawling the web for some nice juicy stories for you all. How about this one:

Researchers at De Mintfort University in Coventry have been conducting research into the tightness of the female vagina and have proved that UK women have the tightest pussies by a margin of around 5%.

The research took place over the last three years and involved universities from all over the world. Using a specially designed gauge the volunteer subjects and researchers were able to measure the resting and “clenched” pressure exerted by the female vagina. The device was inserted into the test subjects and the researchers read the forces from a digital display at the base of the device.

Dr Loralie, head of the research group, told us “The research was carried out on women were no longer virgins but had not given birth, so their birth canals were not affected by the birthing process.” She went on, “We expected a statistical variation within each country’s population that would deliver a pretty uniform tightness across the world but the UK seems to have the tightest vaginas by a margin that discounts statistical errors.”

Although the UK has the tightest vaginas across the population the tightest of all were found in Mexico where women in the Gatito Apretado region needed a specially adapted gauge to accurately measure their extremely tight vaginas.