In Bed With Porn Star Tanya Tate

By | July 11, 2009

Tanya TateTanya Tate is one of a crop of lovely British adult stars that are working in the British porn scene. If you meet Tanya she really stands out from the crowd. She’s friendly, bubbly and very down to earth, and did I mention she’s rather sexy too?

Tanya, you currently live in Manchester but where were you born?

“I was born in Liverpool.”

We’ve seen you in Harmony films, most recently in Cunning Stunts. Are you just shooting for Harmony or are you working with other content producers at the moment?

“I have also worked with Harmony Films in ‘The Wicked Ones’, and on Pornweek in London. I have worked with many of the UK main producers, Ben Dover, Relish, Joybear. Further outside the UK I have worked for Viv Thomas, Rocco Siefreddi, Reality Kings and Naughty America. Am hoping to work with more producers.”

How did you find your way in to the adult entertainment industry, I read you
only got in to the whole scene at the end of 2008?

“I was working in an office and decided I wanted a more interesting career. I watched a porn movie, found I got really turned on and thought hey I could do this. I took some time out to research the business and decided to start my porn career. I had some professional photographs taken and contacted several of the producers I had found during my research. Several of them replied back. I was invited for an interview / casting, to which I agreed. And so my career started. My first casting was for Harmony Films, I dressed as a sexy secretary, complete with fully fashioned seamed stockings and heels”

What has been you most enjoyable moment so far?

“Mmm lots of them ha ha. I have discovered as well as liking other girls,
that I also [enjoy] having sexual pleasure with more than one guy. The first time I realised this was during Harmony Films The Wicked Ones. I was in a scene with George Uhl and Clarke Kent, both very sexy guys. Having a cock shoved in my throat and a cock thrust in my pussy at the same time really does it for me.”

Have your friends and family been supportive in your adult career?

“My close friends and close family do know what I do. They have all been supportive of my career. It was kind of difficult for my parents when I first told them but now they are fine about it. Providing I am safe and happy, they seem happy for me too.”

I am so envious of the wonderful outfits you all get to wear. I particularly liked your Domme look in The Wicked Ones. Does dressing up get you in the mood for a shoot?

“I love getting dressed up. Wearing a sexy outfit makes me feel very sexy. In Harmony Films The Wicked Ones the dominatrix latex catsuit I wore with the boob and crutch missing made me feel really horny. I was dressed by the stylist and rubbed up with something to make the latex shine, a very nice feeling indeed. After I was ready I turned and found most of the crew had been standing watching me, mmm I do like an audience lol.”

Can you tell us about your most embarrassing moment as a performer?

“Nothing yet embarrassing as a performer, hopefully it will stay this way!!”

What was the most enjoyable shoot you appeared in?

“I have enjoyed several of my scenes. My first hot girl on girl action was with the American Adrianna Nicole. This was during Pornweek. It was even more enjoyable having an audience watch me & Adrianna licking, sucking and finger fucking each other. My very first scene is very memorable for me. I was booked by Joybear Pictures to play Sue in The London Sex Project. Sue is a bored housewife who has fun with the gardener whilst her husband is away on business. The team at Joybear had warned me the gardener was well hung. I was nervous with it being my first scene. The gardener turned out to be big Danny D or Danny Dong as he is known. The first time I saw him he was there playing with his huge cock, I thought oh my god how am I going to manage that. But turned out to be a very enjoyable scene.”

Do you prefer live television work or film?

“I have worked for some of the TV channels including TVX and Sports XXX Babes. I must admit I do get turned on knowing a guy, or girl, is getting horny wanking over me, I discovered this during the shows. LIVE TV allows me to interact with some of my fans and talk about all the things that turns me on, but damn it I can’t touch myself. The films I have worked on have involved plenty of touching and fucking, so of course I prefer the films. At least I go home after the films without being sexually frustrated.”

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