In Bed With Porn Star Tanya Tate – Continued

By | July 12, 2009

Tanya TateHere’s the rest of our interview with the gorgeous adult star Tanya Tate.

Are there any male or female performers you have a soft spot for?

“Ah that would be telling…. Seriously I have not worked with enough performers yet to decide. I have quite a few favourites when it comes to the guys but that would be telling 😉 The guys that can make the Tanya Tate leaky tap’ turn on just do it for me. As for girls Jordan Kingsley and Phoenix Marie are both really hot babes I enjoyed working with, busty and sexy. Can I work with some more before I decide :)”

Do you have any preferences when it comes to directors?

“I get turned on working for fetish directors Tanya Hyde and Strangelove, both direct for Harmony Films. I also enjoyed working for Kendo directing for Daring. Viv Thomas was also enjoyable for me. I want to work for more directors so I get more of a feeling for the different styles. I would love to work for a director in a feature film.”

Where’s the most exotic place you’ve done a shoot?

“So far I have worked in UK and Europe. All the work has been indoors, apart from a shoot for Euro Sex Parties. This involved building a snowman in Budapest with my friend Alison, and two horny Hungarian guys Renato and Antonio Ross. We had fun playing with cocks and boobs in the snow. It ended up with us girls pulling the guys back by their cocks to a Jacuzzi in a hot steamy apartment. I would love to do a shoot in a wonderful warm paradise location….!!”

Where was the most unpleasant/uncomfortable place you’ve worked?

“When I shot for both The Wicked Ones and Cunning Stunts, Harmony Films, was the most uncomfortable place. I had to lie in a swing suspended by chains on both shoots, on The Wicked Ones I had to hang off two scaffolding bars. At first it felt quite cold and uncomfortable getting into the contraptions but once the guys started their stuff I soon forgot about the unpleasant feelings and sexual pleasure took over.”

What sort of preparations do you have to make before you begin a day’s work?

“Hygiene is one of the top things on my list, my pet hate is someone with poor hygiene. I wake up with a long shower, wash my hair and scrub my body with a massage sponge. A big bowl of cereal, a banana and a cup of English tea to start the day. Moisturise all over my body, dry my hair and brush my teeth. Off to the shoot. I arrive for makeup. My hair is styled and makeup applied minus the lipstick.

If I have to travel far then I take another shower before I sit in the makeup artists chair. If I have stayed at the studio I always freshen up before I go to wardrobe. If I am bringing my own wardrobe I get myself dressed. If I am being dressed by the production company I am sometimes helped to get dressed by the stylist. This was strange at first having someone put my stockings on for me, but of course I can’t tie a basque up on myself or shine up my latex. Last thing is always make sure I am fresh down below and do mouthwash. Then its lipstick and off to shoot.

What’s your ultimate goal as an adult model and performer?

“As an adult performer my aim would be to be on everybody’s wanted list with the directors for being a good performer, easy to direct and excellent to work with.”

Beyond what you’re doing now do you aspire to direct, produce, have your own
studio? Or do you want to move out of adult one day?

“I am enjoying what I am doing at the moment, I enjoy working in adult movies. Plans for the future… that’s a secret.”

Does it present any difficulties living so far from London where most of the adult action seems to emanate from?

“I tend to spend my time travelling backwards and forwards to London. It takes me 4 hours to travel by car or public transport from my home in Manchester to Central London. I really don’t mind as I know most of the UK adult work happens in London. Gives me an excuse to meet with many of my friends that live in the London area. I am happy to travel outside of the UK for work too.”

What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

“At the moment I am looking to work with a professional cameraman or camera woman to build up film content for my Tanya Tate XXX members area. I will be hooking up with my pornstar friends for hot horny fun on camera.”

What sites do you currently appear on?

“I have my own website and my official blog Plus all the usual Myspace, Twitter, Facebook fan page.”

Are there any directors or actors you would like to perform with?

“I met Olivier Sanchez at Pornweek. We had a play in the Jacuzzi he was really hot and very sweet. I would love to do a scene with him. I want to work for some of the big American Studios such as Vivid & Penthouse.”

You mention on your site that you like to pole dance, is there any footage of your work on the pole? 😉

“I have some pictures of me in a UK flag bikini leaning against a pole, hope
you like them.I did have a play on pole dancing pole at Pornweek, but after a glass of wine and wearing a soaking wet bikini my pole dancing skills were more about sliding up and down the pole than dancing. I have done a scene for my Tanya Tate XXX website content with Andy Mann. I tease performer Andy Mann by walking around the pole and sliding around it, then of course I get down to some hot action working on his long pole deep in my mouth and throat. You will have to wait to see this scene.”

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Tanya?

“At the moment I am working towards building content for my Tanya Tate Members website. I would love to hear what kind of scenes my fans would like to see me perform and act out for them. Any ideas can be emailed to”