Pussy Trouble

By | July 12, 2009

Pussy AnalI had one hell of a shock on Friday. I had reached the top steps of our stairs to be greeted by our cat who was sitting there looking me right in the eye. My first reaction was to stroke him, as I did so I noticed something wasn’t quite right.

His back left big toe (in human terms) was pointing skyward. Not good. My reaction was to try and manipulate it I don’t know why but I thought he could have crossed his toes. He hissed his disdain at me and I then realised just how bad it was.

It was late afternoon so I called the vet to ensure that he could be checked over. I managed to secure an appointment for him on Friday evening and as soon as Alex walked through the door I explained what had happened.

We took him down to be examined but they said he needed to be kept in over night and X-rayed on Saturday morning to determine the extent of his injury. The vet warned us that if he had a high break on his toe he may need to have it amputated.

Of course that really threw us for all of Friday evening. We both felt really upset.

After a long and worrying wait we got a call on Saturday afternoon the he had dislocated his toe and they had managed to manipulate it back in to place. We were so relieved.

We now have to keep him as calm as possible for the next 5 days whilst his toe heals. He is wearing a bandage to keep it all in place but won’t sit still. The cat has practically been bouncing off the walls since he got back. Jumping up on every surface and trying desperately to get outside.

He isn’t an indoor cat and hates litter trays and incarceration. I don’t know how I am going to be able to encourage him to rest and stay indoors for the next 5 days.

Either me or him are going to go crazy…Meow…