Well Hello!…

By | June 28, 2006

The final results of the Clone a Willy kit. (You can read the first part of the review here)

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We left the mould to dry for another hour and then began preparations to cast the willy. The mould was still slightly wet but it needs to be to be able to flex whilst casting takes place. Note: the mould does shrink slightly (about 5% in length), so guys don’t be upset by the finished result. LOL.

As instructed I cut a piece of card to fit over the top of the mould providing support for the vibrator insert. I removed a circle of card from the centre just large enough to insert the vibrator through, leaving the end exposed so that it can be turned and batteries inserted.

Now I combined the two part rubber compound in an old glass jar and mixed the two parts together with the stir stick provided. When blended I poured them in to the mould, leaving as instructed a 2.5cm gap to the top to allow for the vibrator. Don’t worry guys there is enough compound left over to be able to cast a cock the size of John Holmes. 😉 Then I placed the card complete with vibrator inserted in to the end of the cast.

A word of advice at this point, make sure you weight down the end of the vibrator because it has a tendency to rise out of the cast as it sets. You don’t need much weight just enough to keep it submerged. Then we had to wait for the rubber compound to cure, I’m not the most patient of people but I knew it would be worth the wait.

I now had to leave the mould in the kitchen on the work surface for the next 24 hours. Hopefully, nobody would decide to visit. How would you explain a cast of a cock with a vibrator sticking out the top sitting on your work surface? Some people may cast little Beatrix Potter animals but not me. 🙂

Well, I made it and managed not to keep taking a poke at the mould for the curing period. The mixture does feel slightly tacky to the touch at first but it is fully set. I gently removed it from the flexible mould and out popped the most perfect Mini Alex. There was just one thing left to do in the cloning process…shave the cock. Yes, you did read that correctly. During the casting process air got trapped and created little bubbles of rubber on my willy which need to be taken off (as you can see from the image at the top). It looks like Alex has some kind of nob-rot. LOL.

The whole process from start to finish is simple and straightforward, just add cock and off you go. So with care I removed the nodules from my willy using a craft knife, then a quick wash and now my stand in for Alex is ready to go…oh, but not quite I need some batteries.